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 Possíveis letras de músicas de Avril Lavigne

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AP Addicted

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Localização : Planeta Minerva
Data de inscrição : 16/04/2008

MensagemAssunto: Possíveis letras de músicas de Avril Lavigne   Sex 25 Out 2013, 13:46

Está mais que provado que há gente que já deitou as mãos às músicas do quinto álbum. Agora começam a aparecer informações na net, incluindo possíveis letras. Eis Bad Girl e Falling Fast:

Bandaids Brasil escreveu:

Just lay your head in daddy's lap, you're a bad girl (bad girl) / One,
two, three, four // Hey, hey, I'll let you walk all over me (me) / You
know that I'm a little tease (tease) / But I want it pretty please
(please) / You know (you know x2) I'm crazy / I just want to be your
baby / You can **** me, you can play me / You can love me or you can
hate me / Miss me, miss me / Now you want to kiss me / Choke me because I
said so / Stroke me and feed my ego / I've been a bad girl, don't you
know (don't tell me what to do) / Come get it, now or never / I'll let
you do whatever / I'll be your bad girl, here we go (one, two, three,
four) // Miss me, miss me / Now you want to kiss me (mmmm you're a bad
girl) // Baby, you know I want a little taste (taste) / So let me take
you all the way (way) / You know you'll never be the same (same) [You
****in' bad girl] // One night, you won't forget the rest of your life /
So come on over to the wild side / Buckle up and baby hold on tight /
Miss me, miss me / Now you want to kiss me / We both know that you love
me 'cause I'm so bad / Choke me because I said so... Chorus all over


I woke up and saw the sun today
You came by without a warning
You put a smile on my face
I want that for every morning
What is it I'm feeling?
Cause I can't let it go
If seeing is believing
Then I already know
I'm fallin' fast
I hope this lasts
I'm fallin' hard for you
I say let's take a chance, take it while we can
I know you feel it too
I'm falling fast
Avril Itália escreveu:
“Hello Kitty”

Mina saiko, arigato, kawaii / Mom’s not home tonight / So we can roll around have a pillow fight / Like a major rager omfg // Let’s all slumber party / Like a fat kid on a pack of smarties / Someone chuck a cupcake at me / It’s time for spin the bottle / Not gonna talk about it tomorrow / Keep it just between you and me / Let’s play truth or dare now / We can roll around in our underwear how / Every silly kitty should be / Come come / Kitty kitty / You’re so pretty pretty / Don’t go kitty kitty / Stay with me / Come come / Kitty kitty / You’re so silly silly / Don’t go kitty kitty / Play with me! // Kawaii! / Hello kitty Hello kitty / Hello kitty you’re so pretty! / Hello kitty hello kitty / Hello kitty you’re so silly / Wake up got a secret / Pinky swear that you’re gonna keep it / I’ve got something you need to see / Let’s be friends forever / I wanna do everything with you together / Come and play with kitty and me / Chorus again x2

"Hello Heartache"

Goodbye my friend / Hello Heartache / I was champagne / You were Jameson / Every bad thing / We did was so much fun / I’ve seen your best side / You got to see my worst / It’s not the first time / But this one really hurts / Oh oh / Yeah this one’s gonna, it hurts / Goodbye my friend / Hello Heartache…

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Possíveis letras de músicas de Avril Lavigne
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